The Value of a Hood Ring

This past July, a small group of Frederick singers and their families went to Paris for a choral festival. Among that group were four Hood alums: Marivic Sison ’94, M.A. ’00, Michelle Sison ’97, Meghan Tomlin ’11 and Jess Miller ’11. As part of a choral festival, they were matched up with another group from New Jersey to fill a tour bus. One evening, Meghan and Jess were at a restaurant with a couple from New Jersey and the woman inquired about their Hood rings. It turns out she had also graduated from Hood! It came out that Jean Wadsworth ’61 attended her 50th reunion a couple of years ago and Jess, then an admission tour guide, had given her and her husband a tour during that weekend! The next day they took this picture together during their city tour.

“As students, we never really appreciate the true value of a Hood ring,” said Jess. “It’s true what you all tell us, you never know where you will meet a Hood alum!!”

Pictured: Marivic Sison, Meghan Tomlin, Jean Wadsworth, Jess Miller and Michelle Sison.

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