Stress Buster 101

Exams are approaching. Papers are due. Group presentations are looming. And seemingly, there aren’t enough hours in the day, or night, to accomplish it all. The solution? Bring in the dogs!

Recognizing that this is a stressful time of the semester for most students, the counseling center arranged, through Wags for Hope, for volunteers and their pets to come to campus to interact with students and provide a much-needed relief from the many end-of-the year responsibilities. Wags for Hope is a nonprofit group whose volunteers and their dogs “bring joy to the lives of others.”

The dogs were definitely a draw, and large crowds of students gathered to play and cuddle with them for a couple of hours on the residential quad. Big and small, Dalmatians and mutts, fur balls and short-haired—the dogs certainly enjoyed all the attention. It was a win-win for everyone!

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