John George Ed. D., Hood College, Associate Professor of Education

Scene at Hood: Take 18

I have been captivated with butterflies since a Virgin Island Caribbean cruise in 1994. Each year I count in upper Montgomery County for the Audubon Naturalist Society. The field notes from my experiences, along with those of others from across the U.S., are published annually by the North American Butterfly Association. I have also visited hibernating monarchs in three areas in the Michoachan Mountains west of Mexico City, and written reports of butterfly sightings in China, Brazil and locally. I post pictures of butterflies in every class I teach—students occasionally ask if any of this ‘hidden curriculum’ will appear on a test!

“I have been invited into kindergarten through middle school classrooms in Frederick County, to Frederick’s Torch Club and to several Hood classes to discuss Monarch migrations.”

In addition to his passion for butterflies, Professor George loves horseback riding, attending the opera and international travel. It seems he also has a knack for decorating, as his office is one of the nicest on campus.

“Well, I practically live here by day, on many evenings and on weekends. I’ve tried to make it a little home for me and for my 32 advisees that come here. The necktie I’m wearing was chosen by a seven year old family friend. He’s now a lawyer.”

~John George, Ed. D., associate professor of education

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