Melissa Caples, Senior History major with a concentration in Public History

Scene at Hood: Take 16

Public history is a career path that focuses on interpreting history for the public in museums, national parks and places like that. It’s pretty much anything outside of academic history.”

“I’ve always been interested in history, and family history research has always been a hobby for me. I’ve traced my family back into the 1600s. When I heard that Hood offered a concentration in public history, I thought that was great.”

“This is the fourth year of my internship with the Historical Society of Frederick County. I work with the curator, and when objects are donated, I research them, catalog them in a database and help set up exhibits. I also do a little bit of interpretation, mostly at big events. And I write articles. I really enjoy it, and I love my internship.”

“My favorite classes here have been Historic Preservation, where we’ve researched old houses, archives and manuscripts, and next semester I’m taking Historic Documentaries and Material Cultures.”

“I’m the president and treasurer of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Hood. I’m the treasurer of Mortar Board, the senior honor society, and I’m the treasurer of the Archaeology and Ancient History Club. I’m also the president of the Smith Hall House Council.”

“I would like to be a museum curator, and I’m working on applying to grad schools right now.”

~Melissa Caples, senior history major with a concentration in public history

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