Lloyd Thompson-Taylor, Senior English major

Scene at Hood: Take 14

I have loved my time at Hood. This College has allowed me to grow into the person I am today. I’ve gotten all of the tools I think I’ll need to succeed in life.

“One of my favorite professors of all time has to be Professor Amy Gottfried. I really love her because she is great at letting students come to their own conclusions, she good at kind of letting us work our own processes and thoughts out, and letting us be free to explore what we want. I also just like to sit in her office and talk to her about life.

“I am the editor of Wisteria, the Hood literary magazine, and I’m copy editor for the Blue and Grey, which is the student newspaper. I’ve also been a part of musical theater and the choir.

“I’d like to teach one day at a college, or to be on the administrative side. I definitely want to work at a college.”

~Lloyd Thompson-Taylor, senior, English major

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