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New Mixed-Gender Housing Options Set for Fall

By Mary Milligan ’17

For the 2017-18 school year, upperclassmen will have the opportunity to choose to live with a resident of the opposite sex.

This was not the first time this has been brought into discussion at Hood. Last year as first-year housing was being implemented, students living at the Sunset Apartments would have the option to share an apartment with people of the opposite gender. However, no one took advantage of the opportunity.

Hood’s Student Government Association was asked by Matt Troutman, director of residence life and student conduct, to talk to students about what they thought. Overall, throughout surveys and conversations, they believed students saw it as positive.

A resolution written by SGA former president Logan Samuels ’17, former vice president Molly Masterson ’17  and former speaker of the senate Guillermo Sobalvarro ’17, and co-sponsored by Katie Mann ’17, a representative of residents, was presented to Troutman and Dean Olivia White, and sent to President Chapdelaine.

Samuels said, “I chose to support the resolution as SGA president because I believe the decision truly reflects the student voice.”

As students select housing options for next year, they will be able to choose all-gender residence hall rooms. “This may help support students who are friends and happen to be different genders, in addition to transgender students. It is important for all students to feel comfortable in their living environment,” Troutman said.

“Gender rights and equality are hot topic issues in today’s world,” Samuels said. “College should be a time to explore a world of opportunities and express yourself while living in a comfortable, welcoming environment. We want students to feel supported, safe and free to be themselves on campus. SGA represents the student voice and we want to speak up to ensure that all students feel represented and accepted on this campus.”

Students who want to stay in same-gender rooms will not be assigned a roommate of the opposite gender. There will also be same-gender floor assignments for upperclassman. First-year students will continue to live on same-gender floors.

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