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Meet an RA: Charlotte Koi-Larbi

RA, Meyran Hall 2nd Floor

Major: Double major in Integrated Marketing Communication and English with a concentration in Creative Writing

Hometown: Washington, DC

Co-curricular Activities: Black Student Union, African Student Union, Anchored Bible Study

Why did do you want to become an RA?

I wanted to become a RA because I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I enjoy meeting new and different people. With this job, I wanted to help people and care for them. My goal is to make their college experience a little bit better! It is not only about studies but enjoying the time they have in college. By getting to know them, having different programs and being there for my residents, I hope to have enriched their college experience at Hood!

What is your favorite part of the job and why?

My favorite part about being an RA is that I get to help and care for people. This past semester I have gotten to know my residents and have experienced what it is like to be a Resident Assistant. I am truly grateful to have an opportunity to be a leader in my community. I cherish the moments that I am in my residents’ rooms, talking and laughing to them about anything. They know that they can always count on me. This is truly one of the greatest opportunities I have had in my life!

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