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Following Her Mother’s Educational Footsteps

Twenty-eight of our Class of 2017 graduates are legacies, students who have followed in their relatives’ footsteps in choosing to attend Hood.

For biology major Breana Tyeryar ’17 May 20 technically marked the second time she crossed Hood’s Commencement stage. She was born just a few weeks before her mother graduated 22 years ago.

“I feel like I have grown and accomplished so much in four years and I am proud to carry on the family tradition of attending Hood and becoming an alumna,” Breana said.

This year, President Chapdelaine started a new tradition by inviting legacies’ relatives to greet their students as they come off the stage after they receive their diploma.

When Breana walked across the stage, she was greeted by her proud mother, Misty Tyeryar, who graduated from Hood in 1995 with a major in business administration and concentration in human resources.

“I am so proud that she is graduating from my alma mater. Words cannot describe how swollen with pride I am,” Misty said. “It is extremely special since she is graduating on the exact same date that I graduated 22 years earlier.”

Breana was supposed to be born after graduation Misty said, but when she made her appearance ahead of schedule Misty knew she wanted her daughter with her as she accepted her diploma.

“She was a big part of the reason why I wanted to have a great education,” Misty said. “It felt great having her with me. It was such an accomplishment for me to be able to finish my degree on time.”

Breana said her mother played a significant role in her decision to attend Hood. “What sold me was the close knit, down home feeling of the campus as well as the science program.”

The two agreed it has been fun to share their Hood stories with each other.

“We have been able to compare how the college has evolved over 22 years such as, the classroom experiences and the expansion of new and renovated buildings,” Breana said.

Still, they say much at Hood has stayed the same. “I also have enjoyed talking about our similar experiences as far as the traditions that Hood has kept all of these years,” Misty said. “We love the Pergola, the dinks and the class banners as well.”

Breana plans to start working as a research scientist and eventually become a genetic counselor.

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