The campus was alive with students, alumni and families during Hood’s first Homecoming/Fall Family Weekend event Oct. 4-6. It was great to see so many alumni and families on campus and the weather couldn’t have been better.

There were a ton of activities—it was so hard to choose! Friday opened with campus tours, and a selection of mini-classes led by Professors Flora, Latkovski, Gurzick and Farrell. A happy hour, dinner and skit/comedy show followed, and later that night students kicked back with a taco bar, DJ and other activities.

Saturday events included College volunteer and update sessions, a homecoming festival and tailgate on the quad, men’s and women’s soccer games, an evening performance showcase and dessert reception. Many families and alumni headed to downtown Frederick for First Saturday, a monthly event where stores stay open late, bands showcase their talents and kid- and family-friendly activities—including a free photo booth hosted by Hood College—kept everyone entertained!

For anyone eager to wake up early, the cross country team hosted a 5K run Sunday morning, followed by a brunch in Coblentz Dining Hall.

Whew! Quite a lot to pack into one weekend, but everyone enjoyed themselves. We’re already starting to plan for next year!

Homecoming photos are posted on SmugMug. Enjoy!

Pictured: Jayteh Teh ’13, along with and other alumni, families and students, attended a soccer game during Homecoming weekend. 

Lauren Popovich, Senior, Sociology Major

Scene at Hood: Take 13

I grew up in Frederick, and transferred here last year from FCC. Hood seemed like a really tightly knit community, and I liked that a lot. I volunteer in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at Frederick Memorial Hospital. I’m going to go for my master’s degree in sociology. I’m interested in social work, and also community outreach. I’m still exploring different opportunities.

“I have the pink iPad cover, the pink shirt and my pink phone cover. Everyone always says, “Wow, you’re always so pink! I actually have a pink water bottle but I forgot to bring it today.”

~Lauren Popovich, senior, sociology major


Giving Back to Frederick

While we all talk about giving back to our communities, Professor Drew Ferrier has gone to great lengths to do so. For years he has directed his research on the ecology of aquatic systems from the Chesapeake Bay to South Florida and the Caribbean. He regularly gives students and his classes opportunities to assist him, including a study last year to help Frederick city combat the persistent algae in Carroll Creek.

Now Professor Ferrier has taken giving back one step further. He was instrumental in launching Hood’s Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies in March, which focuses on understanding the origin and possible solutions to environmental and social issues that affect the coastlines and watersheds of our region. The center also trains local K-12 science teachers in the latest environmental initiatives to bring to their classrooms. Recently, the center was awarded a very prestigious $35,000 grant from the Dominion Higher Education Partnership that in part will allow 55 students to participate in expanded classroom instruction on geographic information system technology and two field and research opportunities designed to assist in efforts to improve the quality of water in Frederick.

Professor Ferrier is just one of many faculty, staff and students who strive to make Frederick a better place to live.

Khyle Ball, Hood College Sophomore

Scene at Hood: Take 12

My Hood experience has been quite interesting, because I actually graduated from high school a year early. For me, this is as much of a place for maturing as it is a place for education. I live in Meyran Hall. We have sinks in the rooms, and it’s carpeted.”

~Khyle Ball, junior

Nate Erb, Hood College Junior Law and Society Major

Scene at Hood: Take 11

I’m on the board of a nonprofit organization based in South America. It’s to help provide schooling and vocational training for orphaned children, along with housing and food. I work for an attorney, and I also tutor at a school, so I usually dress up a bit.”

~Nate Erb, senior, law and society major


The Start of Something Great—Again

Summer seems just like a blip on the screen—briefly here, then gone. The campus is once again humming with activity, upperclassmen and professors have settled into their routines, first-year students are getting used to their new home and commuters arrive determined to find the perfect parking space. While some of us mourn the loss of the theoretically “lazy days of summer,” most are eager to be a part of the excitement that prevails when starting something new. From the opening words of the Convocation ceremony to the closing notes of Pomp and Circumstance, this year is sure to be filled with new experiences and friends, successes and widening horizons. Good luck to the fabulous students of Hood College!

Pictured: Carla Kronsbein ’17 on move-in day.

Lacey Creelman, Hood Junior Elementary/Special Ed Major

Scene at Hood: Take 10

After graduation, I plan to teach for a year, and then start grad school in a school psychology program. I’m from Indian Head, Md. I won a scholarship, so I’ll be going back there to teach for four years.”

~Lacey Creelman, rising senior, elementary/special ed major


The Value of a Hood Ring

This past July, a small group of Frederick singers and their families went to Paris for a choral festival. Among that group were four Hood alums: Marivic Sison ’94, M.A. ’00, Michelle Sison ’97, Meghan Tomlin ’11 and Jess Miller ’11. As part of a choral festival, they were matched up with another group from New Jersey to fill a tour bus. One evening, Meghan and Jess were at a restaurant with a couple from New Jersey and the woman inquired about their Hood rings. It turns out she had also graduated from Hood! It came out that Jean Wadsworth ’61 attended her 50th reunion a couple of years ago and Jess, then an admission tour guide, had given her and her husband a tour during that weekend! The next day they took this picture together during their city tour.

“As students, we never really appreciate the true value of a Hood ring,” said Jess. “It’s true what you all tell us, you never know where you will meet a Hood alum!!”

Pictured: Marivic Sison, Meghan Tomlin, Jean Wadsworth, Jess Miller and Michelle Sison.


It’s Show Time!

The Hood College Student Musical Theatre is gearing up for another successful year. Late this fall, cast members will be busy preparing for the company’s spring production, Seussical. Based on a number of books by beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss, the musical comedy not only appeals to children but also to adults who listened to the stories as children and, in turn, read them to their own children. In November, the troupe will reach out to the Frederick community with open auditions to fill the children’s roles. Sounds like a lot of fun, hard work and a great experience for kids in grades 4 through 7!

Be sure to save March 27-30, when the play hits the stage in the College’s Brodbeck Music Hall. Meanwhile, check out their blog at hcsmtseuss.org.

Pictured: Hood student Garrett Cline as The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Len Latkovski, Professor of History and International Studies

Scene at Hood: Take Nine

I’ve taken 12 groups of students to the Soviet Union and Russia. The trips are amazing. We meet people; we go out of our way to meet people. We’ll ride around the subway in the evening and watch people and talk to them. Or, we’ll go to sports events, or church services. I call them Cross Cultural Study Tours. Some of the students have independent study programs set up so they get college credits.”

~Len Latkovski, professor of history and international studies