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Hood’s First Chair of the Board Scholars | Natalie Kolosieke ’21

By Lindsay Tubbs ’18

Natalie Kolosieke ’21 of Greensboro, North Carolina, aspires to have a career in the nonprofit sector and “make the world better” after honing her management skills at Hood.

“The types of nonprofits I’m looking at are more education, or women,” she shared. “Those are things that I’m really passionate about. I want to start working at a nonprofit, and if I really enjoy it, I may decide I want to start one.”

Natalie, whose father works for Habitat for Humanity, loves volunteering there and seeing the difference that she can make.

“It’s really rewarding work,” she said.

Natalie was involved in management activities in high school, such as being the editor in chief of her school’s yearbook for two years, and discovered that she was good at it. She realized that she could combine her management skills with her love of nonprofits to make a career of helping people.

At Hood, she is studying business administration and wants to pursue a minor in nonprofit and civic engagement studies.

“I looked at the business program, and I saw that Hood has a nonprofit minor, and I was like, ‘What? That’s crazy! Mom, we have to go!’”

Natalie and her mother traveled from North Carolina to visit Hood, staying with family friends and Frederick locals who had encouraged her to look into Hood when she had expressed interest in small liberal arts schools.

“I got to tour Hood, and it was November, and it was icy and cold and kind of gross, and I was like, ‘This is the prettiest place I’ve ever been. I would love to go here,’” she said. “Things fell into place with the scholarship, and now I’m here!”

How did she react to finding out that she had been chosen for the Chair of the Board Scholarship?

“I took the letter to my room to open, and my mom heard me scream, and then I started dancing,” she recounted. “And my mom came upstairs and we happy danced for a little bit. It was really fun. It was perfect.”

Since beginning college a few months ago, Natalie has been surprised by how much she has learned in her classes.

“There’s just so much that I don’t know, so I’m definitely learning a lot,” she said. “And having to really take a step back and walk through your reasoning that you do so quickly. It’s really neat. Brain exercise, good stuff.”

She has also been surprised by the amount of time that she has to socialize.

She explains, “Here it’s like, eat breakfast with your friends, go to class with your friends, meet them for lunch. And then after class it’s like, ‘Do you guys want to do homework together in the library?’, or, ‘Let’s all have a movie night if we don’t have too much work.’ And I love that because the people here are great, and I just love them!”

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