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Hood’s First Chair of the Board Scholars | Jenna Frick ’21

By Lindsay Tubbs ’18

Had it not been for the offer of the Chair of the Board scholarship, Jenna Frick might not have visited Hood, but the business major from Clermont, Florida, thought it was such a great opportunity she needed to explore it.

“I learned about Hood and applied because the golf coach (Chelsea Danel) had reached out to me,” Jenna said, “but I wasn’t sure I wanted to move this far away from home, and after I got accepted, I hadn’t thought about it much. Then I got the call about applying for the scholarship.”

Jenna and her mother arrived in Frederick in early February for Scholars’ Day, where she endured a full day of interviews. It was noted by those who met with her that she “was passionate about her studies and community service, extremely articulate and comfortable in the interview.”

Jenna remembered it a little differently. “That was a crazy day! I was so nervous.” But her initial impression of Hood was all positive. “As soon as I stepped on campus, I fell in the love with the school and it was at that moment, I knew I needed to go here.”

Waiting to hear whether she would be awarded the scholarship was “terrible. I can’t even explain it!” she said. “I think I checked the mail three times a day and when it finally arrived, my hands were shaking and I opened the letter…and oh my gosh!

“Everything just fell together for Hood. I felt like I was missing something from all the other colleges I looked at. When that letter arrived, it was all really clear to me that I belonged at Hood,” she said.

The five scholars met at Accepted Students Day in the spring and formed a special bond. “We have a group text so we check in with each other a lot. It links us all together,” she said.

Now fully immersed into her freshman year, Jenna is on the golf team, considering a double major in business and economics, and involved with

Enactus (a student group dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action), the Maryland Student Legislature and student government (vice president of her class).

“Time management is a huge thing…to stay on top of my classes, activities, practice,” Jenna said. “But I’ve surprised myself. There’s so much going on and it hasn’t been easy to be away from home, but I surprised myself in how much I can handle on my own.”

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