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Hood’s First Chair of the Board Scholars | Chelsey Adedoyin ’21

By Lindsay Tubbs ’18

For Chelsey Adedoyin, the uniqueness of Hood’s campus was the selling point.

“The buildings, the green…wow this campus is beautiful!” Chelsey said of her first impressions of Hood. The Laurel, Maryland, native knew about Hood from a high school friend who played in basketball tournaments on campus.

She also knew the close-knit campus was something she wanted.

“I love the small class sizes. I find that I excel when I can have a closer relationship with my professors,” she said. “The Hood community is really my favorite part of being here. Everyone knows each other, as opposed to a big school, where I don’t know anyone, no one knows me and maybe I don’t even know my teacher. That would be crazy.”

There is a downside to the close-knit community. “You’re always around people. There is truly no time to be alone,” she said with a laugh. “I just didn’t expect that, I really didn’t. I was really shocked when I figured it out. I’m just always around people. The upside to that though…you get to enhance your communication skills and networking. I’m always looking at the positive.”

In high school, Chelsey competed on the field hockey and track teams, was in Honors Orchestra, was involved with the African Student Association, a mentorship program and a member of Charles County’s Unified Bocce Team.

At Hood, she’s taking a step from so many extra-curricular commitments and is involved with just the Black Student Union and the Urban Outlet.

“I really just wanted to come here and see what the workload was like and get accustomed,” she said. “There’s still time next season to think about field hockey or music lessons, but I came here to get an education.”

The biology major hopes to go to pharmaceutical school at the University of Maryland after graduating from Hood.

Remembering back to Scholars’ Day, “that was the most traumatic day!” she said.

“It was my first time coming to Hood and I was so nervous. I had to be so polite. How do you have conversations with someone you just met? I just kept reminding myself, if they truly like you for who you are, then you’ll get the scholarship.”

On waiting to find out: “I was nervous. I was scared. But I don’t remember having to wait that long to find out,” she said. And when she finally found out? “I’m so lucky, so blessed.”

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