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Hood’s First Chair of the Board Scholars | Caylee Winpigler ’21

By Lindsay Tubbs ’18

“My goal in life is to do something that impacts people, and I want to make a difference,” said Caylee Winpigler ’21 of Walkersville, Maryland.

She is considering a history and political science double major and an English minor.

“I have time still to decide, but I feel like if I go down maybe the political science route, it’ll lead me somewhere that I will be able to make an impact,” she said. “I thought for a while that I could be a lobbyist for environmental science.”

In her AP environmental science class, she learned about environmental consequences and the domino effect of how actions affect other parts of the environment.

Caylee is not one to shy away from public speaking or meeting new people. In high school, she enjoyed reciting poetry competitively through a program called Poetry Out Loud, and serving as a student ambassador.

“I always loved doing that because I like to meet new people. So then, of course, that’s what led me to be a Blazer Ambassador,” she said. “And I’m so fanatical about Hood that I was like, ‘Please let me do this!’”

As a Frederick county native, Caylee was initially unsure about going to school so close to home, stating, “I was on the fence before I first came to visit Hood. However, when I came here, and through all of the multiple times I came to Hood, I always was greeted so warmly, and everyone is so friendly, that I always came looking to see if there was that one disagreeable person, and I could never find them. It’s like they didn’t exist here. So with the atmosphere being so welcoming, I felt like I belonged here.”

When Caylee found out that she was being considered for the Chair of the Board Scholarship, she was bawling. Waiting for the decision to come in the mail, she said she felt sick.

On that fateful Friday, “I handed my mom the envelope, and I said, ‘I can’t look at this. Can you please open it for me? I’m not gonna look at you,’” she recounts.

“So I handed it to her and I turned away, and I closed my eyes, and I was trying to just kind of center myself, and then I started to hear her cry. I looked, and she’s just nodding her head vigorously. And then the reception thereafter from my family was amazing.”

Since starting at Hood, Caylee has been surprised by the amount of independence that she has.

“Before, you have to go through your parents to do anything. And not having them around, I do miss them a lot, but they’re so close,” she explained. “I do enjoy being able to make my own decisions without having to check with my parents first. So being able to manage my own schedule is very liberating.”

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