Sarah Brooks, Hood College Junior Psychology Major

Scene at Hood: Take Six

I like the upper level of Whitaker to study. It’s warm, it’s sunny, and you can smell the food.”

~Sarah Brooks, rising senior, psychology major

Isabel Duartes, Hood College Junior Double Major in History and Interdepartmental Gender and Sexuality Studies

Scene at Hood: Take Five

I started here as a freshman. I transferred out because I had a little trouble adjusting to college. But I missed Hood so much I transferred back in. My adviser, Professor Ann Derbes, emailed me three times during the semester I was gone, asking me if I wanted to come back. I’m so glad I did!”

~Isabel Duartes, junior, double major in history and interdepartmental gender and sexuality studies

Natalie Hernandez. Hood College Sophomore Communications Major

Scene at Hood: Take Three

I’m really enjoying my second year here. I’m making more friends, and I’m really more involved in things. I chose communication arts as a major because there are so many fields I can go into. I want to concentrate on digital media, and I’m really into advertising and design.”

~Natalie Hernandez, sophomore, communication arts major

Trevor Baldwin, Hood College Junior Economics Major

Scene at Hood: Take Two

When I first looked at colleges, I was looking for the biggest parties, the biggest sports events and things. Hood has elements of that, but what really sets it apart is the kind of help you get from the professors, and the relationships you develop are way more profound than you’re going to find at really big schools.”

~Trevor Baldwin, junior, economics major

Brigid Ayer, Hood College Sophomore

Scene at Hood: Take One

I wanted to try something like a pin-up, but slightly more modern. I’ve taken Darkroom Photography, Photo 1, Photo 2 and Photojournalism. I’m learning different things in each class. My teacher helped me a lot with the studio lights because I’d never used them before.”

~Brigid Ayer, sophomore

Scene at Hood

Introducing “Scene at Hood”

Scene at Hood is a photo project launched in February 2013. Our photographer, Kurt Holter ’76, tried to capture the many personalities and places on campus that are distinctively Hood College, from the unique to the traditional. Some of the sites and people pictured in this series will remind alums of their time here and some exemplify the character of today’s campus culture. We hope you enjoy the images of contemporary Hood College.