James Baker, Business and Management major

Scene at Hood: Take 17

I live in Meyran Hall. I have a sink in my room, and that’s the best thing ever!

“I’m from Washington, D.C. I went to a college fair, and saw a table set up for Hood College. I had never heard of Hood, and asked the representative where Hood was. She said it was in Frederick, Md., and I said, ‘Where is Frederick?’

“The Hood College admissions person was very nice. I thought, ‘OK, I will try this out.’ My mother and I visited the campus. She kept saying, ‘This is so n-i-i-i-ce! It’s just s-o-o n-i-i-i-i-c-e!’

“At the time, the other schools I was looking at didn’t have swim teams, and Hood did, so that capped it!

“I came here as a psychology major, but after three classes, I knew that wasn’t going to work for me. I looked at myself and thought about what I can do best. Business and management really touch on my skills. I found out about a lot of internship possibilities for jobs that I didn’t even know existed. Things have skyrocketed from there.

“I plan on going to graduate school and concentrating on urban development, but I’m staying at Hood for an extra semester to study abroad.

~James Baker ’15, business and management major

Melissa Caples, Senior History major with a concentration in Public History

Scene at Hood: Take 16

Public history is a career path that focuses on interpreting history for the public in museums, national parks and places like that. It’s pretty much anything outside of academic history.”

“I’ve always been interested in history, and family history research has always been a hobby for me. I’ve traced my family back into the 1600s. When I heard that Hood offered a concentration in public history, I thought that was great.”

“This is the fourth year of my internship with the Historical Society of Frederick County. I work with the curator, and when objects are donated, I research them, catalog them in a database and help set up exhibits. I also do a little bit of interpretation, mostly at big events. And I write articles. I really enjoy it, and I love my internship.”

“My favorite classes here have been Historic Preservation, where we’ve researched old houses, archives and manuscripts, and next semester I’m taking Historic Documentaries and Material Cultures.”

“I’m the president and treasurer of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Hood. I’m the treasurer of Mortar Board, the senior honor society, and I’m the treasurer of the Archaeology and Ancient History Club. I’m also the president of the Smith Hall House Council.”

“I would like to be a museum curator, and I’m working on applying to grad schools right now.”

~Melissa Caples, senior history major with a concentration in public history

Dr. Didier Course, Professor of French

Scene at Hood: Take 15

I grew up in France and I’ve been at Hood for 17 years. The students are a lively group, and they want to learn. The foreign language department is a wonderful place to work. My colleagues are extraordinary, and there is a great vibe in the department. We read books, we write books and we like to talk about them! We are friends and colleagues.”

“I always liked teaching. I discovered the profession when I was 23, and I enjoyed it so much! At that time I was working in a high school in France. I liked being part of the process to become, and to help others become better human beings.

“I needed to learn to speak English to improve what I was doing in France. I came to the USA for a year, to the University of Wisconsin. At that time I was working on a graduate project and I learned, completely by accident, that one of the best specialists for this lived in Pittsburgh. Then, I went to grad school there. Life sometimes takes you in a direction that you do not expect, and this was a good one.

“I looked at a survey, and for Americans in general, their worst memories of education are math classes and foreign language classes. I understand that, because I went through that, too. When you learn a foreign language, you go back in life. You go back to a point where you are a child. You have to learn basic grammar and basic ideas. You may be an adult, but you have to go back like you were four or five years old. It can be so frustrating. Then, you go back to learning to say something like, ‘I like bread!’

“When I’m not teaching, I’m traveling. That’s my big passion. For me, I want to see as many countries as possible. Traveling for me is a source of inspiration. Also, let’s face it, I’m a geek. I love visiting libraries. I’m a happy man as soon as I’m in a library.

“I had a class do an assignment where I put them in groups, and they had to role play. One student played a young artist and another played an art dealer. The artist had to show the dealer how talented he or she was, and try to make a sale. One of the students did this caricature of me!”

~Didier Course, Ph.D., professor of French

Lloyd Thompson-Taylor, Senior English major

Scene at Hood: Take 14

I have loved my time at Hood. This College has allowed me to grow into the person I am today. I’ve gotten all of the tools I think I’ll need to succeed in life.

“One of my favorite professors of all time has to be Professor Amy Gottfried. I really love her because she is great at letting students come to their own conclusions, she good at kind of letting us work our own processes and thoughts out, and letting us be free to explore what we want. I also just like to sit in her office and talk to her about life.

“I am the editor of Wisteria, the Hood literary magazine, and I’m copy editor for the Blue and Grey, which is the student newspaper. I’ve also been a part of musical theater and the choir.

“I’d like to teach one day at a college, or to be on the administrative side. I definitely want to work at a college.”

~Lloyd Thompson-Taylor, senior, English major

Lauren Popovich, Senior, Sociology Major

Scene at Hood: Take 13

I grew up in Frederick, and transferred here last year from FCC. Hood seemed like a really tightly knit community, and I liked that a lot. I volunteer in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at Frederick Memorial Hospital. I’m going to go for my master’s degree in sociology. I’m interested in social work, and also community outreach. I’m still exploring different opportunities.

“I have the pink iPad cover, the pink shirt and my pink phone cover. Everyone always says, “Wow, you’re always so pink! I actually have a pink water bottle but I forgot to bring it today.”

~Lauren Popovich, senior, sociology major

Khyle Ball, Hood College Sophomore

Scene at Hood: Take 12

My Hood experience has been quite interesting, because I actually graduated from high school a year early. For me, this is as much of a place for maturing as it is a place for education. I live in Meyran Hall. We have sinks in the rooms, and it’s carpeted.”

~Khyle Ball, junior

Nate Erb, Hood College Junior Law and Society Major

Scene at Hood: Take 11

I’m on the board of a nonprofit organization based in South America. It’s to help provide schooling and vocational training for orphaned children, along with housing and food. I work for an attorney, and I also tutor at a school, so I usually dress up a bit.”

~Nate Erb, senior, law and society major

Lacey Creelman, Hood Junior Elementary/Special Ed Major

Scene at Hood: Take 10

After graduation, I plan to teach for a year, and then start grad school in a school psychology program. I’m from Indian Head, Md. I won a scholarship, so I’ll be going back there to teach for four years.”

~Lacey Creelman, rising senior, elementary/special ed major

Dr. Len Latkovski, Professor of History and International Studies

Scene at Hood: Take Nine

I’ve taken 12 groups of students to the Soviet Union and Russia. The trips are amazing. We meet people; we go out of our way to meet people. We’ll ride around the subway in the evening and watch people and talk to them. Or, we’ll go to sports events, or church services. I call them Cross Cultural Study Tours. Some of the students have independent study programs set up so they get college credits.”

~Len Latkovski, professor of history and international studies

Michel Lavarn, Hood Sophomore Environmental Science Major

Scene at Hood: Take Eight

I am on the executive board for Habitat for Humanity. I’m also in La Comunidad. It’s about raising awareness about the Hispanic culture here on campus. You don’t have to be Hispanic to be in it. Right now I’m wearing the Hood College Alpha Lambda Delta shirt. It’s an honor society for students who had at least a 3.5 grade average their freshman year.”

~Michel Lavarn, junior, honors program, environmental science major