The Best Places in Frederick

By Mary Milligan ’17

1. Baker Park: It’s free, beautiful, has walking trails and is a good way to avoid walking through downtown on a busy First Saturday when you already enjoyed all the excitement that you can find there.

2. JoJo’s Restaurant and Tap House: If you are looking for the best french fries in Frederick, look no further, because this is where you can get them. Their menu also goes beyond what you would typically find at a restaurant, it’s more than burgers and chicken strips. They offer foods of all varieties and it’s all delicious.

3. First Saturdays: Although, not a specific place in Frederick, the first Saturday of every month (and every Saturday in December) downtown comes alive. Each month something different is featured. My favorite time to go is definitely February for Fire in Ice where a variety of businesses showcase ice sculptures that may or may not be related to what they sell. The best part about the event is that it’s free!

4. Carroll Creek: You can walk almost the entire length of the creek and take in different parts of Frederick. The newest part of the creek is down by East Street, an extension of Carroll Creek Linear Park, featuring new fountains and walkways complete with bike racks to allow for any breaks you might need. It also now extends with benches galore all the way to Patrick Street.

5. Beans and Bagels: These are the best bagels you could possibly have. There has yet to be a flavor that I didn’t enjoy. They also have very good coffee and friendly staff. The only downside is that they close at 3 p.m. What about those late night bagel cravings??

6. I Made This: Located in Everyday Square, I Made This is the perfect place to fill your dorm with coffee mugs from. While it tends to be on the pricier side, there are few things more relaxing than painting pottery with friends on a Saturday afternoon.

7. Pretzel and Pizza Creations: This might as well be a Hood tradition, getting a late night bite with friends. In addition to their namesake, they have some really good sandwiches and other signature dishes. However, my favorite would have to be the stuffed pretzels. They’ll wrap a number of toppings into your pretzel for you!

8. Maryland Ensemble Theatre: Otherwise known as the MET, put on some really good shows. Personally, I saw “Junie B. Jones, Jingle Bells Batman Smells” this past Christmas and it completed all of my childhood dreams.

9. Retro-Metro: One of the cutest stores you could possibly find. You never know what you’re going to find inside; knick-knacks, home décor, toys, and gift ideas, you can find it at Retro-Metro.

10. Market and Patrick Streets: Yes, these are vague, but they are two of the best streets in Frederick. Every time I go on a walk I find somewhere new to check out. These are probably two of the best shopping streets to check out in Downtown.

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