SK Day

Barbie Bungee Jumping and More at Math Day

Every couple of years or so, Hood’s math department invites area high school girls and their math teachers to a day of math discovery. Why only girls? Because traditionally, girls shy away from math-related majors and careers. The event, named Sonia Kovalevsky Day for the first woman to receive a doctorate in mathematics, is designed to encourage young women to continue their study of math. So, on March 11, 50 high schoolers took over Hodson Science and Technology Center, performing experiments and calculating outcomes for a number of problems presented to them. Like, Barbie Bungee Jumping. Teams of students were charged with determining how many rubber bands should be used to make a bungee cord so that Barbie could have a thrilling, but safe bungee-jump from the third floor balcony. No fatalities, thank goodness. Guess those girls knew what they’re doing!

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