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Alumni at Leidos Biomedical | Antonio Punzo ’16

Antonio Punzo is using his bachelor’s degree in computer science as a program analyst at Leidos Biomedical.

He is responsible for developing, maintaining and enhancing software that is used by several government research laboratories. Many of his projects require processing and tracking subjects, samples and studies that involve massive amounts of data, which must be processed and retrieved in a short amount of time.

“As a developer, my main goal is to develop software that will deliver fast and accurate data to the user, while providing flexible and easy-to-use tools to enhance their work performance,” he said.

Punzo said the communication and technical skills he learned through his computer science degree, including advanced topics such as recursive functions and object-oriented programming, were instrumental in making him stand out to obtain his current position.

“Because of the nature of my work and the diversity of software that I maintain, enhance and develop, I must use several programming languages such as Java, Python, C++ and Bash Script,” he said. “My classes at Hood introduced me to many of these languages and taught me the skills necessary to learn new languages quickly.”

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